*New*Advanced Certificate in Academic Advising

The Advanced Certificate in Academic Advising is designed for academic advisors who have completed the Certificate in Academic Advising and/or have been working as an academic advisor for two or more years.  This program provides opportunities to explore and reflect on the theories, practices, and perspectives that inform one’s advising philosophy and work.  After taking the required courses, each advisor will complete a capstone project, making a contribution to the UGA advising community.


Cross-College Advising:  (two different sections required)

Even as an experienced advisor, do you sometimes wish you could do more to help a student who says that he or she is interested in a major in a completely different college? This advanced level certificate class is designed to provide advisors with a greater level of knowledge about the most popular degree programs at UGA. You may never be an expert on all of these majors, but you will leave this class with the ability to have meaningful conversations with your students about many of the other majors they may be interested in pursuing.

This course will be offered each T&D term (4 times/year) and will focus on different college groupings each term.

Intentional Communication for Advisors

Academic advisors are required to be intentional communicators, conveying complex information to both receptive and unreceptive audiences. From explaining policies and requirements to listening to student concerns to dealing with conflict and difficult conversations, clear communication is the key to successful interactions between advisors and students, parents, colleagues, and supervisors. This course will help experienced academic advisors enhance their communication skills by understanding timeless principles of effective communication while also discovering their individual communication styles, blind spots, and strengths.

Topics in Advising Theory and Practice (two different sections required)

Each advisor’s philosophy and practice is informed by experiences and knowledge about how students develop and learn. This course will allow advisors to explore one advising theory or approach through reading and discussion. Participants will have pre-reading assignments, and the class will be facilitated in a seminar format.

Each offering of this class will focus on a different advising theory or selection of complimentary theories.

Leadership in Academic Advising

This course will allow advisors to assess their professional strengths and interests, explore professional opportunities for growth at UGA and beyond, and engage in collegial dialogue. These discussions and reflections will lead to the development of each advisor’s philosophy, portfolio, and capstone project.

Capstone Project:

In addition to the requisite courses, completion of the Advanced Certificate in Academic Advising requires a Capstone project, a presentation, resource or publication that makes an original contribution to the UGA advising community.

This project must be approved in advance by the Certificate in Academic Advising committee.

Examples include:

  • presenting at the fall or spring Academic Advising Workshop
  • presenting at an Advisor Brown-Bag
  • paper submitted to a NACADA journal
  • presenting within your specific department or unit
  • paper submitted to a UGA Academic Advising journal Advizine
  • development of a course for the Certificate in Academic Advising program
  • paper submitted to an academic journal, with a topic focus on academic advising


How and when can I register for the courses?

Participants can register for courses at http://www.hr.uga.edu/training 

Are the courses open to non-advisors?

This program is designed for academic advisors who have completed the Certificate in Academic Advising and/or have been working as an academic advisor for 2 or more years. 

What cost is associated with the program?

The courses are free of charge.

How do I know when I have completed the certificate?

Use this SELF-TRACKER to track your progress toward completing the requirements for the Certificate in Academic Advising (CAA). You may also contact Training and Development for a transcript of the courses you have completed, training@uga.edu

How will I receive my certificate?

Participants who complete all of the certificate requirements will be recognized at the Academic Advisor Coordinating Council fall workshop.  Look for an e-mail each fall, inviting ACAA participants to this event.

Other questions:

Please e-mail advising@uga.edu with questions about certificate completion.

Please e-mail Amber Fetner, CAA Committee Chair, to propose a course, apply to be an instructor or with other questions about the program, afetner@uga.edu