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Franklin Works

Franklin College Administrative Services Initiative

Beginning in Spring 2021, the Franklin College will conduct a comprehensive review of all staff positions with three key objectives: (1) to preserve the jobs and salary levels of current Franklin College staff, (2) enhance service and support for departments, and (3) improve career paths and professional development support for staff. Phase I of this project will be a transition toward a business services model.

Phase I: Business Services

In Franklin College's model, business staff will work as a team in a business services office rather than distributed in departments. This will allow for increased specialization (e.g., grants specialists), enhanced service levels, and professional development opportunities, which are all beneficial for both faculty and staff. It is important to note that departments will have business services staff members assigned to support them, so you will still pick up the phone and call someone who understands the unique needs of your department. We anticipate that each department will also have at least one administrative support individual on site to provide local support.

The transition to OneSource created opportunities to review our structure and adopt a business service and support model that better aligns with best practices and has been successful at several peer and aspirant institutions. There are numerous benefits to both faculty and staff, examples of which are outlined here. With recent departures, more than 25% of Franklin College’s departments have business staff position vacancies; these will be the first to transition. Further, the pandemic has created financial challenges that require us to decide where we want to invest in the future. This model allows us to protect the jobs of existing staff members while creating efficiencies for the college, which will allow Franklin College to invest in areas that directly advance our teaching, research, and service missions.

Town Hall Information

The following videos were recorded during the Franklin Works Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, March 3, 2021. Click here to view the presentation slides.

Part 1: Franklin Works Presentation 

Part 2: Question & Answer session

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