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In almost all cases, baccalaureate degrees are required for admission to schools of medicine, dentistry and optometry. At the University of Georgia, “premed,” “predental,” and “preoptometry” are not majors, so students who plan to attend medical, dental, or optometry school should select majors that follow established degree programs. There is no one “best” major for students interested in these areas, but it is critical that course selection includes both those science courses needed to assure a competitive score on the standardized admissions tests and the course prerequisites for admission to the medical, dental or optometry schools to which the student is interested in applying.

The primary focus of the Premedical Studies Program is to work with juniors and seniors who are going through the important testing, application, and admission process. All students are invited to the group enrollment orientation offered several times in the fall and spring and usually once in the summer. The orientation addresses where course admission requirements can be found, specific requirements for several medical, dental, optometry and osteopathic schools, how specific courses are helpful, national application services, statistics on the most recent accepted applicant pools including national admission test scores, qualities of successful applicants, resources for volunteering and shadowing, services of the Program, and the importance of a clean background check.

Because students may choose any major or program of study, it is important to be aware that the Premedical Studies Program has confidence in the knowledge of the University of Georgia premed liaisons in the schools and colleges across campus in providing assistance in registering first and second year students for classes

The Premedical Studies Program
111 Memorial Hall

Bachelor of Science Advisors
Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Ms. Judy Iakovou
114 Memorial Hall

Career Center Directory

College of Education
Kinesiology/Exercise and Sports Studies
Dr. Kevin McCully
Ms. Priscilla Carter

College of Family and Consumer Sciences
Dr. James Hargrove
276 Dawson Hall

College of Public Health
Dr. Katie Hein, Health Promotion

Division of Biological Sciences
Ms. Jane Mann
Ms. Elizabeth Fuller
411 Biosciences Building

Honors Program
Ms. Carol Carr
Moore College

Possible Job Titles:

Dental assistants
Dental hygienists
Dental technicians
Dental therapists


Self Employed
Dental Offices
Dental Partnerships
Medical Services Providers

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