International Programs

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UGA Classics Study Abroad

The Franklin College is the largest instructional unit in the University with a major mission of undergraduate education. International programs and activities provide important support for this mission. These programs and activities in the arts and sciences are centered in the curriculum and in the teaching and research activities of our faculty.


Curriculum elements include foreign language and area studies courses as well as courses in international and global studies. Within the Franklin College are two area studies, centers and institutes.

In addition to the language and area studies programs, the College has a number of study abroad programs. They provide students with an excellent opportunity to study in a foreign country and to participate in the daily life of a foreign culture. ( Learn more about our Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities )

The University also participates in a number of exchange programs, which involve a small number of faculty and students. They focus primarily on Europe and Latin America, with recent efforts aimed at East Asia and Africa. Some involve faculty research exchanges in the sciences.

An individually designed interdisciplinary studies major is available for qualified students who wish to concentrate in international and other foreign area studies.