Franklin College Degree Requirements

Franklin College of Arts & Sciences College-Wide Degree Requirements

In addition to completing the University of Georgia Core Curriculum and University-wide degree requirements, recipients of degrees from the Franklin College of Arts & Sciences are expected to satisfy each of the following requirements.

Any courses used to fulfill major requirements, general electives, or the Core Curriculum may simultaneously satisfy Franklin College requirements.

Majors in BFA Art, BFA Art/Art Education, BFA Dance, BFA Interdisciplinary Studies, BSCHEM Chemistry, BMUS Music Education & BMUS Music Therapy need to complete only the Multicultural requirement. (BMUS Music Composition, BMUS Music Performance, and BMUS Music Theory majors must complete all Franklin College requirements).

Degree Requirement Number of Courses Required Approved Courses (all courses must be at least 3 hours and taught at the undergraduate level (1000-5999))
Foreign Languages Through the third semester

All students must demonstrate competency in a foreign language equivalent to completion of the third semester of study.

American Sign Language (CMSD4830) may be used to satisfy this requirement..

Some majors require competency above this minimum.

Literature One course

Any 2000-level English (ENGL) course, any Greek (GREK) course at the 3000-5999 level or any Latin (LATN) course at the 3000-5999 level.

Additionally, AFST3150, AFST3151, AFST4245, ANTH4245, CLAS1000, CLAS1000H, CLAS1010, CLAS1010H, CLAS1020, CLAS1020H, CMLT2111, CMLT2210, CMLT2212, CMLT2220, CMLT2250H, CMLT2260H, CMLT2270H CMLT2280H, CMLT2400, CMLT2410H, CMLT2500, CMLT2600, CMLT2610H, CMLT2800, CMLT3000, CMLT3010H, CMLT3100, CMLT3110, CMLT3140, CMLT3150, CMLT3151, CMLT3160, CMLT3170, CMLT3180, CMLT3190, CMLT3200, CMLT3210, CMLT3220, CMLT3240, CMLT3241, CMLT3250, CMLT3260, CMLT 4050, CMLT4070, CMLT4080, CMLT4081, CMLT4082, CMLT4090, CMLT4100, CMLT4110, CMLT4120, CMLT4150, CMLT4160*, CMLT4200*, CMLT4210*, CMLT4220*, CMLT4230*, CMLT4245, CMLT4250, CMLT4260, CMLT4300, CMLT4320, CMLT4350, CMLT4400, CMLT4440H, CMLT4444, CMLT4510, CMLT4600, CMLT4610, CMLT4620, CMLT4630*, CMLT4875, CMLT4880, CMLT4890, CMLT4895, FREN3030, FREN3030H, FREN4050, FREN4060, FREN4070, FREN4080, FREN4120, GRMN3120, GRMN3410, GRMN3420, GRMN3600H, GRMN3610, GRMN3620H, GRMN3625, GRMN3630, GRMN3710, GRMN3810, GRMN3830, GRMN3840, GRMN3870, GRMN3875, GRMN4015, GRMN4020, GRMN4310, GRMN4410, GRMN4610H, GRMN4710, ITAL2500, ITAL4030, ITAL4050, ITAL4060, ITAL4070, ITAL4120, LING2100*, LING2100H*, PORT4080, PTSP 2550, RELI4001*, RELI4080*, ROML2550, ROML3000 , RUSS2010, RUSS3400, RUSS4050, RUSS4060, RUSS4070, RUSS4080, RUSS4090, RUSS4250, RUSS4260, RUSS4270, RUSS4280, RUSS4290, SPAN2550, SPAN3030, SPAN3030H, SPAN3040, SPAN4040, SPAN4050, SPAN4060, SPAN4070, SPAN4080 or SPAN4120 may be used towards the completion of this requirement.

Fine Arts/ Philosophy/ Religion Two courses
History One course
Any History (HIST) course.
Social Sciences other than History Two courses from two different departments

Any courses taught from Anthropology (ANTH), Economics (ECON), Political Science (POLS), Psychology (PSYC) or Sociology (SOCI).

Additionally, AFAM2000, CLAS2000, GEOG1101, GEOG1103, GEOG1125*, GEOG2010H, GEOG2100, GEOG2130H, GEOG2250H* GEOG2610, GEOG2800, GEOG3620, GEOG3630, GEOG3640, GEOG3990, GEOG4610, GEOG4620, GEOG4630, GEOG4640, GEOG4650, GEOG4660, GEOG4670, GEOG4720, GEOG4730, GEOG4740, GEOG4680, GEOG4710, GEOG4750, GEOG4810, WMST1110, WMST1110H, WMST2010 or WMST2010H may be used towards the completion of this requirement.

Biological Sciences One course

BIOL1103, BIOL1103E, BIOL1104, BIOL1107-1107L, BIOL1108-1108L, BIOL2107H, MARS1020, ECOL1000(H)-1000L, MARS1025H, HONS(BIOL/CHEM/GEOL/PHYS)2080H, PBIO(BIOL)1210 and PBIO(BIOL)1220 may be used towards the completion of this requirement.

Students who matriculated prior to the beginning of Fall 2010 may follow this link to view the old course listing.

Physical Sciences One course

Any course taught from Astronomy (ASTR), Chemistry (CHEM), Geology (GEOL) and Physics (PHYS).

Additionally, GEOG1111, GEOG1112, GEOG1113, GEOG1125*, GEOG2110H, GEOG2120H, GEOG2250H*, GEOG3010, GEOG3110, GEOG3210, GEOG3510, GEOG4020, GEOG4030, GEOG4040, GEOG4060, GEOG4120, GEOG4160, GEOG4220, GEOG4240, MARS1010-1010L, MARS1011 or MARS1030 may be used towards the completion of this requirement.

Multicultural requirement One course

All undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences will be required to complete (grade of D or better) at least one full credit course (3 or more semester credit hours) with a significant focus on African American, Asian American, Hispanic American or Native American cultures

AFAM 2000, AFAM 2000H, AFAM 2005, AFAM 2020, AFAM 2150, AFAM 2600, AFAM 2810, AFAM 2820, AFAM 2960, AFAM 3101, AFAM 3102, AFAM 3150, AFAM 3230, AFAM 3310, AFAM 3820, AFAM 3880, AFAM 4040, AFAM 4055, AFAM 4060, AFAM 4200, AFAM 4201, AFAM 4202, AFAM 4203, AFAM 4250, AFAM 4370, AFAM 4480, AFAM 4490, AFAM 4500, AFAM 4515, AFAM 4550, AFAM 4620, AFAM 4630, AFAM 4810, AFAM 4830, AFAM 4840, AFAM 4880, AFAM 6060, AFAM 6480, AFST 2052, ANTH 3410, ANTH 3410H, ANTH 3540, ANTH 4020, ANTH 4470, ANTH 4480, ARED 5310, ARED 7310, ARTS 2050, CMLT 2400, CMLT 2410H, CMLT 2500, CMLT2510H, CMLT 2600, CMLT2610H, CMLT3260, CMLT 4260, CMLT 6260, COMM(SPCM) 1800, COMM(SPCM) 3330, COMM(SPCM) 3820, COMM(SPCM) 4800, COMM(SPCM) 4830, COMM(SPCM) 4840, DRAM 4490, ENGL 1060H, ENGL 1102M, ENGL1103, ENGL 2390H, ENGL 2400, ENGL 3230, ENGL 4040, ENGL 4620, ENGL 4630, ENGL 4860, ENGL 4880, EPSY 4061, ESSE 4515, FILM 2130, GEOG 1103, GEOG 2130H, HIST 2051, HIST 2052, HIST 3040, HIST 3050, HIST 3051, HIST 3101, HIST 3102, HIST 4055, HIST 4110, HIST4110H, HIST 4470, HIST 4480, LING 4040, LLED(ELAN) 4620, LLED(ELAN) 4620E, LLED(ELAN) 5040, LLED(ELAN) 5040E, MUSI 2040, MUSI 2050, MUSI 2060, MUSI 2080, MUSI 2960, NAMS 1100, NAMS 2004, NAMS 2004H, NAMS 3410, NAMS 4020, POLS 4200, POLS 4560, PSYC 2150, PSYC 3150, PSYC 4500, PSYC 4550, RELI 1100, RELI 2004, RELI 2004H, RELI 2005, RELI 4201, RELI 4202, RELI 4203, RELI4204, RELI4620, RELI 4701, ROML 2550, SOCI 2020, SOCI 2820, SOCI 3310, SOCI 4370, SPAN 2550, SPCM 2810, SPCM 4810, THEA 2110, THEA 4480, THEA 6480, WMST 1110, WMST 1110H, WMST 3110, WMST 4060, and WMST 6060

* Except for Multicultural selections, no course may be used to satisfy more than one Franklin College Requirement.