Genetics is the future and the past. The history and promise of every organism is written in its DNA. Geneticists are leading one of the major scientific revolutions of mankind, delving into the distant past and providing an unprecedented understanding of the biological world. The Genetics department in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences offers a supportive and unique training environment across the full spectrum of genetics, bridging the disciplines of molecular genetics, evolutionary biology, and genomics.


Linguistics, as the scientific study of language, is an interdisciplinary program at the University of Georgia, sourcing faculty from all across campus in order to broaden students' understanding of this uniquely human ability. The primary areas of focus at UGA are formal linguistic theory, second language acquisition, language variation and change, and historical Indo-European linguistics.

African Studies Institute

The mission of the African Studies Institute embraces enhancement of the teaching of courses with a rich African content; initiation of new courses and degree programs in African Studies; expansion of current and the creation of new studies abroad programs; providing for and assisting student and faculty exchanges; encouraging collaboration in research opportunities in and about Africa; and developing continuing education and outreach programs between African institutions, other Georgia and US institutions, and the University of Georgia.