• Noted and Quoted, February 2017
    • Posted by Alan Flurry - February 23, 2017
    • From the history of the university to a musical premiere to questions about the president, Franklin faculty expertise is a vital resource across the news media. Some recent articles and broadcast segments:

      The Whole Story: UGA's Often Overlooked Black History– Flagpole article quotes professor of English Barbara McCaskill and Franklin Professor of English Valerie Babb, director of the Institute for African American Studies

      Finding the lost Fort San Marcos, associate professor of anthropology Victor Thompson quoted on ETV Radio

      Female meteorologists don't want to be called “weather girls,” Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor Marshall Shepherd quoted in Fortune

      The early 20th century Southern narcissist populist with a chip on his shoulder sounds an awful lot like Donald Trump, B. Phinizy Spalding Professor of History James C. Cobb on the History News Network

      February looks to be warm and not because a groundhog says so, Marshall Shepherd in his column in Forbes

      Lamar Dodd School of Art students perform eclectic show “For You” – R&B

      Microplastics could be major concern along coast, professor of marine sciences Jay Brandes quoted in the Coastal Courier

      How to deal when your boss is a complete narcissist, psychology professor Keith Campbell in Money Magazine

      Three ways you can help the world's scientists right now, Marshall Shepherd in Forbes

      Skidaway scientist diving into the science behind black gill shrimp, professor of marine sciences Marc Frischer on GPB

      UGA Opera Theatre brings "Don Giovanni" to campus – ABH 

      Old into new: Geneticists track the evolution of parenting – research by professor of genetics Allen Moore covered in ScienceDaily, UGA Today, Phys.org

      Sunlight or bacteria? Scientists investigate what breaks down permafrost carbon, associate professor of marine sciences Aron Stubbins in Florida State News

      What problems in the Oroville Dam are causing mass evacuations? Marshall Shepherd in Forbes

      Professor’s work will get regional premiere at concert – ABH artile mentions the Hugh Hodgson School of Music’s Georgia Woodwind Quintet – Angela Jones-Reus, flute; Jean Martin-Williams, horn; D. Ray McClellan, clarinet; Reid Messich, oboe; and Amy Pollard, bassoon. Liza Stepanova, assistant professor of piano, joins the quintet for the regional premiere performance of “Seven Rants,” a sextet written by Peter Lane, assistant professor of composition.

      Why a tornado-damaged facility in New Orleans is critical to NASA, Marshall Shepherd in Forbes

      It’s true: Becoming a parent rewires your brain, UGA study finds – story on research by Allen Moore in ABH

      Democrats raise questions about Trump – professor of psychology Joshua Miller in The Hill

      Perspectives from inside the climate change-human health conference that rose from the dead - Marshall Shepherd in Forbes

      NASA announces eighth class of candidates for launch of CubeSat space missions – Space Ref

      A “dry line” in the Midwest this week is surprising to meteorologists—but should it be? Marshall Shepherd in Forbes

      Skidaway researchers track plastic fibers in coastal food chain - Jay Brandes in the Savannah Morning News

      UGA historian James Cobb, novelist Eugenia Price, poets Alfred Corn and Kevin Young named to Georgia Writers Hall of Fame – ABH

      Image: Austin Steele for Flagpole Magazine