• Noted and Quoted, summer 2016
    • Posted by Alan Flurry - August 24, 2016
    • Expert voices and new research had Franklin faculty featured in the media on a range of subjects from climate change to the 'love hormone' to the discovery of a Spanish fort on the South Carolina coast. A sampling (only through July!):

      Just a few more bites: Defining moderation varies by individual, study finds (Michelle vanDellen, psychology) – ScienceDaily

      You can't lose weight with moderate eating – Times of India

      Study reveals that eating "in moderation" is a fool's errand– Huffington Post

      Eating in moderation varies by individual – Science 2.0

      The problem with eating "Everything in Moderation" – Woman's Day

      Meteorologists do not study "meteors" so why the name? (Marshall Shepherd, geography) – Forbes

      Greenland sets melt records in 2016 consistent with "Arctic Amplification" (Thomas Mote, geography) – EurekAlert!

      Melting ice in Greenland linked to faster Arctic warming – Business Standard, Times of India, Science Recorder, Tech Times

      Fossil teeth suggest prehistoric red deer in the Adriatic migrated seasonally (Suzanne Pilaar Birch, geography) – ScienceDaily

      Ancient red deer populations may have migrated seasonally  – New Historian

      When it comes to U.S. weather forecasting: private, public or both? (Shepherd) – Forbes

      Medieval social status found to be connected to lifespan (Laurie Reitsema, anthropology) – New Historian

      Are “workaholics” prone to OCD, anxiety? (Malissa Clark, psychology) – Medical Xpress

      Does it get hot enough in a car to bake turkey? (Shepherd) – Forbes

      UGA researchers study effects of oil spill on Gulf ecosystems (Samantha Joye, marine sciences) – R&B

      Southern Baptists: Take down the Confederate flag (Derrick Lemons, religion) – AJC

      Silencing of gene affects people's social lives, study shows (Brian Haas, pstchology) – MedicalXpress, Daily Mail

      Low "love hormone" activity may affect social skills – Immortal News, PerfScience, Times of India, Sci-Tech Today, Voice Of America

      Shutting off “love hormone” unlikely to make us less social – Genetic Literacy Project

      Beautiful and scary at once: The science of mammatus clouds (Marshall Shepherd) – Forbes

      Water vapor vs. carbon dioxide: Which “wins” in climate warming? (Shepherd) – Forbes

      Top science groups tell climate change doubters in Congress to knock it off (Marshall Shepherd) – Washington Post

      Goldman brings back the $1 account (Stephen Mihm, history) – Bloomberg

      How slaughterhouses and a power plant caused snow in Kansas (Shepherd) – Forbes

      Watch real-time lightning on Earth using “sferics.” Warning: It's addictive! (Shepherd) – Forbes

      Climate change makes flooding more likely, more damaging, experts say (Marshall Shepherd) – Charleston Gazette-Mail

      AAAS letter to climate change doubters in Congress (Marshall Shepherd) – Skeptical Science

      Good communication may not always predict a happy marriage (Justin Lavner, psychology) – Consumer Affairs

      Capuchin monkeys may have taught us how to eat cashew nuts (Dorothy Fragaszy, psychology) – New Scientist

      United Kingdom’s next prime minister will be a geographer: What is geography? (Shepherd) – Forbes

      The popularity of weather is shaking up journalism (Shepherd) – Forbes

      The narcissists among us (Keith Campbell, psychology) – LifeZette

      Is excessive heat and youth football a dangerous mix? (Shepherd) – Forbes

      Athletes, elderly at risk for heat-related injuries during increased summer temperatures (Thomas Mote, geography) – R&B

      What science can tell us about the links between global warming and massive heat waves (Marshall Shepherd) – Washington Post

      Why historians have an obligation to speak out against Trump (James C. Cobb, history) – History News Network

      Remains of lost Spanish fort found on South Carolina coast (Victor Thompson, anthropology) – Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Post and Courier, Beaufort News, ABH, WSAV, The Times and Democrat, Kokomo Tribune, NPR

      Are selfie-takers narcissistic? (Keith Campbell, psychology) – Wisconsin Public Radio