Cellular Biology

The Department of Cellular Biology was established within the Division of Biological Sciences at the University of Georgia in 1995. The Department offers excellent opportunities for scientific training in a variety of important aspects of cellular biology. These include cell biology, developmental biology, molecular parasitology, immunology, cellular neurobiology and endrocrinology.

Institute for Artificial Intelligence

The University of Georgia has always seen cognitive science as an interdisciplinary field where computer science intersects with philosophy, psychology, linguistics, engineering and other fields. This comprises both classical artificial intelligence, which focuses on getting computers to behave intelligently, and newer approaches to cognitive computing, where the computer is seen as an extension rather than a model of the human mind.

Computer Science

Among the growing, dynamic, research-oriented faculty of the Computer Science department are experts in bioimaging, distributed information systems, human-computer interaction, databases, vision and image processing, theory, algorithms, bioinformatics, scientific computing, simulation, parallel and distributed computing, real time systems, virtual reality, evolutionary computing, and artificial intelligence.