2018-19 Faculty Senate Committees
President - Chad Howe
President Elect - Jennifer Rice
Secretary - Megan Lutz
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Executive Committee
DeLoris Hesse Cellular Biology
Richard Hubbard Chemistry
Alisa Luxenberg Art
Jennifer Rice (chair) Geography
Steven Soper History


Curriculum Committee
Brian Condie Genetics
Lisa Fusillo (chair) Dance
Dan Hall Statistics
Vera Lee-Schoenfeld Linguistics
Jiyeon So Communication Studies


Committee on Academic Standards
Thomas Biggs Classics
Alison Farley Music
Gary Lautenschlager (chair) Psychology
Tianming Liu Computer Science
Chris Peterson Plant Biology


Committee on Faculty Affairs
Yohannes Abate Physics & Astronomy
Josh Bynum Music
Betina Kaplan (chair) Romance Languages
Silvia Moreno Cellular Biology
Leslie Gordon Simons  Sociology


Committe on Planning and Evaluation
Brian Binder Marine Sciences
Elizabeth Davis (chair) English
Emily  Mouilso Psychology
Joe Norman Art
Khaled Rasheed Computer Science