October 22nd:

Research Scientist Promotion Dossiers Due!

Do not pay attention to the November due date on OVPR's site. Your dossier must come to the Dean's Office first and must reach us by October 22nd. Please send one hard copy (unstapled and unbound) to Sherry Gray at 320 Old College and email a pdf to swgray@uga.edu on or before October 22nd. The Promotion Form, which must be completed, can be found at https://provost.uga.edu/_resources/documents/promoform_NTT.pdf


November 30th:

Major Repair and Renovation Requests and Research Space Requests for FY20 - send to Leslie Morrow, 300 Old College or lmorrow@uga.edu


January 9th:

Study in a Second Discipline Proposals Due! Proposals should be submitted to Sherry Gray (swgray@uga.edu). 


January 18th:

CAPA - Deadline for departments to submit courses to the college level for Fall 2019. Please direct questions to April Brown (albrown@uga.edu)


February 1st:

Fall 2019 Bulletin changes - Deadline to submit to Franklin College (do not follow any other due dates!)

Format to submit: Review the information in the current Bulletin pertaining to your unit or program, print out the pages, and indicate the changes you wish to make in ink (preferably red or blue), scan and email changes to April Brown (albrown@uga.edu). Extensive changes or information on new programs should be sent as an e-mail attachment in MS Word. The department head should sign somewhere on the change sheets to indicate approval or include a short cover letter indicating department head approval. Please make sure any handwritten notations are legible in your scanned copy before sending.


March 8th:

Small Renovation and Remodeling Requests - send to Leslie Morrow, 300 Old College or lmorrow@uga.edu