Celebrating Dada

Dada teaser.jpg"So many people and so many messages," wrote the critic Robert Hughes about Hanover-based Dadaist Kurt Schwitters' 'Merz' works. From Picabia's fascination with machines to Duchamp's cajoling ridicule of art world norms, it's true that many still grapple with the implications of the Dada movement. It has certainly reeked its share of havoc with Post-Art art makers and thinkers, much less the innocents who encounter these works. English...

WIP: Write@UGA

Write teaser.jpgThe Franklin College Writing Intensive Program presents Write@UGA, a month-long celebration of writing at the university. The campus community is invited to join in the celebration of writing, learning about writing pedagogy, and supporting UGA writing programs and publications.

Have a manuscript or grant you’d like to work on? Drop in to a write-in for coffee, snacks, and two hours to dedicate...