American Independence Day

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It was on this date in history, July 2, 1776, that the Continental Congress declared independence from Great Britain.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence in June 1776. The Declaration was not delivered to Great Britain until November of that year. The document was signed on August 2, 1776.

But on July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress approved the final wording of the Declaration of Independence...


WUGATV.jpgThe sale of WUGA-TV to Marquee Broadcasting is scheduled to be completed on July 1, and we would be remiss not to note the end of this mini-epoch in university broadcasting. Since 2012, WUGA-TV existed as a local PBS affiliate in Athens, owned by UGA and whatever may have been its initial puropse or the original motivations behind the endeavor, the Franklin College became a...

Buffer Zones Needed

WhiteMountainNationalForest.jpgInteresting findings from Warnell School researchers that could have much broader implications (than just the sites mentioned) - natural wilderness areas need the protection of buffer zones:

Coveted for their beauty, these wilderness areas draw innumerable outdoor enthusiasts eager for a taste of...

Athfest 2015

Athfest2015.jpgOne of the many reasons we love the symbiotic relations between town and gown, music and the university go together like UGA and Athens, GA and there is no better example than ATHfest:

AthFest is a multi-day music and arts festival in downtown Athens, GA that showcases local, regional, and national musical talent. The festival includes three outdoor stages, an artist market, a two-night Club Crawl in...