Boren Study Abroad Scholarship

boren_logo.jpgThe key to unlocking opportunity in every field, bar none, is learning new languages. In tandem with other disciplines, a second or third language leverages that discipline into a kind of power that transcends otherwise respectable goals for remuneration or even influence. Beyond these, the ability to converse and understand beyond borders is just that: limitless and empowering. In matters of international security, business, law, journalism...

Art in Embassies

Elena Kaganandthemarbles.jpeg

The UGA campus is replete with people doing wonderful work - whether teaching, making art, conducting research, or some combination of all of these (and yes, that does exist), so much goes on that it can be easy to miss some of the sublime trees for the enchanted forest. One of those trees would be artwork by associate professor of painting Margaret Morrison, which been on prominent display in the U.S...