Earth Week 2015

-beatles-abbey-road.jpgWhat can I do? It's always the question, arriving custom built with the pre-supposition that our individual efforts won't go very far to change anything, to make a difference. Especially where protecting the Earth is involved. It's so big and complex, and after all, you're just one person.

One person who shops, who buys, who moves about your day, who is observed by others, who take their cues from you and from whom you accept affirmation of the...

Athens Science Café

scicaf-climate.jpgSpecial treat from the folks at the Athens Science Cafe tonight beginning at 6 pm at the Foundry: Marshall Shepherd talks about communicating weather and climate:

"Zombies, Sports, and Cola: What does it mean for communicating weather and climate?" led by Dr. Marshall Shepherd from the UGA Department of Geography. Dr. Shepherd is the director of the UGA Atmospheric Sciences...