Linguistics: how language works

The Linguistic Atlas Project is the oldest and largest ongoing American English survey project in the U.S. Under the leadership of its editor-in-chief William Kretzschmar, Harry and Jane Willson Professor in the Humanities, UGA has become a national center for dialect research, and the materials of the LAP are the best source for the history of mid-century American English...

Advancing Neuroscience

Brain teaser.jpgBrain Trust - Unlocking the mysteries of the mind - in the current Research magazine provides an expansive take on the breadth of neuroscience research at UGA:

If the history of science has taught us anything, it is that transformational discoveries—influential findings that result in society-wide applications—are built upon a foundation of basic...

UGA joins A2RU

A2RU teaser.jpgThe Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) is a partnership of over thirty institutions committed to ensuring the greatest possible institutional support for the full spectrum of arts and arts-integrative research, curricula, programs, and creative practice for the benefit of all students and faculty at research universities and the communities they serve. UGA has become its newest member:...