Transient Students

Information About "Going Transient"

What does it mean to be a "Transient Student?"

If you are planning to attend another college or university to take a course or courses for transfer to UGA, you will be considered a transient student.

How do I "Go Transient?

Obtain an application from the other institution and apply as a "Transient Student"

Submit a "Student Request for Transient Status" form which may be obtained in the UGA Registrar's Office in the Hunter Holmes Academic Building or through the OASIS system From the "Student Records Main Menu," select "Request Transcript/Letter of Certification" then select "Send Certification of Enrollment, degrees awarded, gpa, etc." (The Transient form is on the right at the bottom.)

When your course(s) have been completed, you must request that a transcript be sent from the other institution to the UGA Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 212 Terrell Hall, Athens, GA 30602.

What should I know about attending an In-State College?

The UGA Admissions Office has developed a "Transfer Equivalency Search System" for all Georgia Colleges (and many out-of-state Colleges.). 

Many of the courses which are commonly taken are listed. As you review the information, you will see the UGA course and course number and the equivalent course/course number at the other institution.

If you plan to attend an in-state college and you plan to take one or more of the courses listed, you can be assured that the course(s) will be evaluated as shown.

You may wish to look at the Georgia colleges/universities webpages or contact them for more information. 

What should I know about attending an Out-of-State College?

Many out-of-state Colleges have courses listed in the "Transfer Equivalency Search System". However, if you wish to attend a college that is not listed, you will be responsible for reviewing the college catalogue of the school you plan to attend and determining if the course seems as if it will be equivalent to a UGA course. Evaluators in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions can assist you as you choose courses from out-of-state institutions. However, courses that are not listed on the Equivalency Search will not be evaluated officially until you return to UGA.

Will an Academic Advisor/Graduation Specialist be able to assist me? 

Whether you plan to attend a college in-state or out-of-state, your Academic Advisor/Graduation Specialist will only be able to assist you in selecting UGA courses appropriate for your degree and major. The Academic Advisor/Graduation Specialist cannot advise you in the selection or in the transferability of courses not listed on the equivalency sheets.

If you select a course that is not listed on an equivalency website, you will be responsible for reviewing the college catalogue of the school you plan to attend and determining if the course description seems as if it will be equivalent to a UGA course. If you plan to take a course in your "major" area of study at another institution, you should check with your major department. Some departments will not allow transfer courses to be used in the major.

The Admissions Office does not evaluate transient work until after the course(s) are transferred to the University of Georgia; therefore an Academic Advisor/Graduation Specialist cannot be responsible for determining equivalency.

Will my H.O.P.E. scholarship cover my summer classes?

UGA HOPE students who wish to enroll as a transient student at another HOPE eligible institution may receive HOPE funds at the transient institution. You can access the UGA HOPE Transient Form at Financial Aid and follow the instructions.

If you plan to take a course not listed on the Equivalency Search, you should keep the following items for documentation purposes:

  1. Course description
  2. Syllabus of the course
  3. Course Work (tests, essays, etc.)
  4. Title of textbook, author, publisher, copyright date
  5. If the UGA Admissions Office has any question about courses taken elsewhere, the above information could prove to be very valuable.