Communication Studies

The goals of graduate education in the Department of Communication Studies are to provide students with tools for generating new knowledge about human communication, to cultivate highly developed skills in transmitting knowledge about communication to various constituencies in need of that information, and to foster an attitute of eager inquiry and service.

Institute of Bioinformatics

IOB members are actively conducting bioinformatics research in a wide range of areas, ranging from structural genomics and bioinformatics, plant genomics and bioinformatics, microbial genomics and bioinformatics, biomedical and cancer bioinformatics, pharmaco informatics, glyco genomics and bioinformatics, to computational and statistical sciences for bioinformatics.


Linguistics, as the scientific study of language, is an interdisciplinary program at the University of Georgia, sourcing faculty from all across campus in order to broaden students' understanding of this uniquely human ability. The primary areas of focus at UGA are formal linguistic theory, second language acquisition, language variation and change, and historical Indo-European linguistics.