The goal of the Department of Geology is to educate undergraduate and graduate students, businesses, government, and the public through excellence in teaching, research, and service. They emphasize studies in Crust and Mantle Dynamics, Earth Systems History, Environmental Geosciences, and Geoarchaeology. In these areas, they pursue the understanding of geological processes, the optimal use of earth resources, and the reconstruction of earth's history to illuminate its future.

Marine Sciences

The UGA Department of Marine Sciences has 15 full-time faculty engaged in teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Faculty research interests range from the ecology of bacteria and phytoplankton, to inorganic and organic geobiochemistry, to ecosystem dynamics modeling and ocean acoustics.

Germanic and Slavic Studies

The Germanic and Slavic Studies department offers programs designed to provide students with a good communicative knowledge of both the German and the Russian language and a basic insight into the culture of Germany and Russia. Study Abroad programs are offered not only in Germany and Russia, but also Croatia.