Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 10:49am
Alan Flurry

In early September, the Franklin College web services team launched a redesigned primary website for the college, including the Chronicles blog:

The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences launched a redesigned website, updating access to information about UGA’s largest college for faculty, students, staff and the public.

The redesign of the principal Franklin site was predicated on presenting a cohesive brand experience that flows from the college through dozens of departmental sites that have also been redesigned over the last two years.

New features include an improved incorporation of news and events and revolving spotlight features of individual staff members. It also includes a new home page section geared toward prospective students.

Our web services team is without equal on campus, working tirelessly with our many units, the dean's office, as well as new university branding tools and guidelines to put the latest information technology available to work for Franklin College and the numerous users of the site. Faculty, current and prospective students, and staff each use franklin.uga.edu for different reasons, so a thoughtful architecture prioritizing the needs of various stakeholders and visitors in a public-facing environment is a challenging necessity. They have achieved that and more, and we are deeply grateful for the knowledge, expertise and tenacity of our colleagues. We hope you enjoy the new look as you use the site.