Franklin College: Framework for the Future


From Interim Dean Hugh Ruppersburg: 


Dear members of the Franklin College community,

I am pleased to share with you the outcome of our year-long strategic planning initiative:  "Franklin College:  Framework for the Future" (  As the front page indicates, this plan offers a statement of shared values and aspirations that emerged from discussions throughout the college community, and that will be informative for the future of the college.  I know incoming Dean Alan Dorsey will be...

Broadening diversity by strengthening the sciences

The reality of underrepresentation of various ethnicities in particular fields, whether it is biology or linguistics, is an effective way of framing diversity issues. But outside of its sociological ramifications, making any field more-representative has the added bonus of funneling more people and building more expertise in those fields, and expanding the volume of expertise is an important indirect benefit.

This is not to downplay the importance of diversity itself, which is considerable; it is crucial for kids to see others like themselves enjoying prominence and success in every...

Benjamin Franklin 'memoir'


There are so many reasons that Benjamin Franklin was chosen as the namesake for the Franklin College - and every one of them accrues to our benefit as well as feeds our ambitions for what the College should be. None of the noble epithets with which we connect Franklin demonstrates that more than the unfinished autobiography...