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CAPA (Course Approval Process Automation) is an automated system for course approval at the University of Georgia. CAPA allows faculty to input course information online. The course proposal is automatically routed to the next stage in the approval process. The routing includes all levels of approval: department, college, Graduate School, and University Curriculum Committee. In addition, the system includes a browse function which allows all involved in the curriculum approval process to know the status of any course or course change in the approval process and to view all approved courses. The system currently includes more than 1,700 authorized users and over 6,500 approved courses.

This includes creating a new course or changing an existing course as well as reviewing and approving courses at the department level or college level.

To submit a request, please follow the steps below: 
  • Click here to browse a list of Course Proposals in Progress or Approved Courses.
  • Log into CAPA using your UGA MYID and Password.
  • Once you have logged into CAPA, you will need to make the following selections:
    • UNIT:  "Department" (Anthropology, for example)
    • ROLE:  "Department Course Initiator"
      • OR
    • UNIT:  "Franklin College of Arts and Sciences"
    • ROLE:  "College/School Course Initiator"
    • Once the form is completed, click "Submit to Department Head"
  • If a temporary approval request is needed while the course is in progress, you will need to submit a Curriculum Request Form.
    • When you click on the link above, the form will open in a browser.  You will need to save the form and open in Adobe Acrobat.  This will allow you to complete the fillable form and add your signature.
    • Both the Curriculum Request Form and either a WORD or PDF file of your request will need to be emailed to April Brown at
    • Once the Franklin College Curriculum Committee has reviewed and approved the request, it will then be emailed to the Office of Curriculum Systems and to the Department Head. No further action will be needed.
CAPA Due to Franklin College Friday, January 6, 2023
CAPA Due to Curriculum Systems Wednesday, February 13, 2023

Beginning in Fall 2019, the Bulletin will be in effect for the entire academic year. Adopting a yearly Bulletin will reduce confusion concerning requirements and expectations for students, advisors, faculty, and staff, as well as bring the University of Georgia in line with USG, peer, and aspirational institutions. Because of this change to a yearly Bulletin, all new course and course change applications that are approved in the CAPA System will have an effective date of the fall semester following UCC approval.

Meeting these deadlines does not guarantee the course will be available for fall semester pre-registration. The course approval process is a faculty governance process; therefore, a course may be delayed at any stage in the process due to faculty concerns.

QUESTIONS?  Please contact April Brown at

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