Application Process:

Please obtain the Compensated Outside Activities Approval Form then fill it out.  It must be approved by:

» Your Department Head or Director

» Office of Research and Integrity Safety (if there are any intellectual

   property related issues)


The Compensated Outside Activities Approval Form should be filled out at least once each year for each proposed outside work arrangement.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are lecturers and academic professionals part of this?

A: Yes, all faculty ranks are covered.

Q: Would tutoring for money be part of this?

A: Yes, tutoring by individuals with faculty rank is covered, and an annual form should be filed.  Tutoring for a commercial firm should have a separate form filed for each such arrangement.  Tutoring for individual students can usually be handled by a single annual form which summarizes such activities.

Q: Is being the editor of a journal for an honorarium included?

A: No

Q: Is tutoring by graduate students included?

A: No, this process is for faculty-ranked individuals.  Graduate students may check with the graduate school if they are concerned about such activities.