Objective: Recruit and retain an exceptional diverse and global faculty

  • Address salary compression and inversion; provide raises that bring salaries to nationally competitive levels
  • Increase international residencies and exchanges (e.g., Franklin International Scholars Program, Willson Center)
  • Seek partnerships with the provost's office, human resources, and other units to create a partner-hire program
  • Explore innovative recruitment packages and competitive incentives
  • Pursue faculty recruitment through diverse avenues (e.g., opportunity hires, cluster hires, open searches)


Objective: Create a culture that rewards and recognizes faculty excellence

  • Expand opportunities to reward and recognize faculty excellence and leadership in disciplinary organizations
  • Coordinate faculty nominations for national awards
  • Expand the number of special and named professorships
  • Celebrate faculty achievements in diverse print and online media


Objective: Support faculty renewal, development, and quality of work life

  • Encourage faculty participation in intensive professional development opportunities such as Study in a Second Discipline, Public Service and Outreach Fellowships, Senior Teaching Fellows, and the University System of Georgia Executive Leadership Institute
  • Establish mid-career awards that provide support for travel, research, students, and career development
  • Explore options for flexible scheduling of teaching to enhance summer course offerings and provide intensive research terms
  • Promote understanding and consistent use of the Family and Medical Leave and Suspending Tenure Clock policies
  • Reinstate faculty development assignments