Staff Excellence in Diversity Leadership - $1,000 Award and Certificate of Recognition
The Franklin College greatly values diversity and inclusion and understands that faculty and staff play a critical role in promoting those values. The college therefore would like to recognize excellence in creating and sustaining an inclusive climate for diversity through the Diversity Excellence Awards. These awards, one for faculty and the other for staff, recognize outstanding efforts in promoting diversity and inclusion in the college.

Staff Excellence in Service Awards - $1,000 Award and Certificate of Recognition
The Franklin College honors its staff members for their excellent performance and their outstanding contributions to units in the college. Up to four awards will be made each year. Recipients will be recognized at a staff appreciation reception.

IT Professional of the Year Award - $1,000 Award and Certificate of Recognition
This award recognizes an IT professional for his or her excellent performance and outstanding contributions to the College. The recipient will be recognized at a Franklin College reception in late spring where he or she will receive an award of $1,000 and a certificate of recognition..

Outstanding Advisor of the Year Award - Amount varies
During Spring Semester, the Franklin College of Arts & Sciences presents its annual awards for excellence in academic advising. Two Advisors, one faculty and one professional/staff, receive an Outstanding Academic Advising Award. Each of the recipients receives a special salary increase (or a support account in years without raises) and a recognition certificate at the Franklin College awards luncheon.