Zell B. Miller Learning Center, Room 250

"Women and Girls: Local to Global, Global to Local," Cecilia Herles, assistant director of the Institute for Women’s Studies. Herles will be speaking about challenges that are being faced by women and girls in Georgia and women and girls on a global scale, such as lack of safety, objectification, domestic violence and lack of access to health environment and food.

Herles holds degrees in philosophy and English from Clemson University. She earned her Ph.D. in philosophy and graduate certificates in women’s studies and environmental ethics from UGA. She teaches a writing intensive class on feminist theories, a service-learning course on Environment, gender, race, class and a course on North American Asian feminisms. Herles’ research examines feminist philosophies, environmental ethics and philosophies of race. Her current research focuses on natural disasters, global climate change, local food systems and activism.