Georgia Museum of Art, M. Smith Griffith Auditorium

Kim Mawhinney, Head of Art, Ulster Museum, Belfast, examines the challenges and consequences of using art to engage the public with the legacy of Northern Ireland’s recent past.  Art of the Troubles, 2014, and Colin Davidson: Silent Testimony, 2015, were two landmark exhibitions demonstrating the Ulster Museum’s ongoing commitment to helping the public explore, understand and respond to the 30-year period of Northern Ireland’s history known as the Troubles.

Mawhinney was Curator of Applied Art at the Ulster Museum for 15 years with responsibility for the glass, ceramic and furniture collections. Kim was a member of the Project Board for the redevelopment of the Ulster Museum, which reopened in October 2009. Throughout her career she has curated, juried and selected a number of exhibitions both nationally and internationally. She has also lectured and written about glass and ceramics, the history and development of museums, and the accessibility of art collections.

Her talk is hosted by the Willson Center and the Georgia Museum of Art