UGA Chapel

Thomas C. Reeves, UGA professor emeritus, will present this year’s lecture to celebrate the 231st anniversary of the establishment of America’s first state-chartered institution of higher education. His lecture is titled "So You Think You're Smarter than a Robot: The Race between Human Learning and Deep Learning."  Brian Heredia, a member of the Class of 2018, will provide the student response. 

Each year, the UGA Alumni Association proudly celebrates the signing of theUniversity of Georgia Charter that took place on January 27, 1785. In recognition of the university's anniversary as the nation's first state-chartered institution of higher education, the UGA Alumni Association and the UGA Emeriti Scholars present the annual Founders Day Lecture. The lecture is held in the UGA Chapel and has become a Founders Day tradition, drawing alumni, students, faculty, esteemed guests and members of the community.

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