Tate Student Center Grand Hall

Henry L. Roediger III, the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor at Washington University, will provide a quick history of interest in mnemonics and then discuss modern research. He will discuss the usual processes involved in mnemonic training and how these processes support the validity of conclusions derived from laboratory research, albeit in magnified form. Then, he will report results of a program of research on performance of expert mnemonists and report research on some of the top mnemonists of our time using a standard battery of tests. The talk concludes with a discussion of the varieties of superior memory performance of people in many different sorts of tasks – solving crossword puzzles, knowing huge amounts of trivia, remembering verbatim large sets of Bible verses – among others.  Finally, Roediger will describe early results from a project in progress where we test different types of memory experts on a common battery of tests, seeking to find commonalities and differences in their abilities.

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Contact: Lindsay Coco 706-542-8802