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Contact: UGA Green Lab Program 706-542-7884

North American Laboratory Freezer Challenge participants will work to improve the efficiency of their laboratory freezers by implementing responsible and sustainable cold storage management practices, such as freezer and sample inventories, temperature tuning, and unplugging unused units.

In short, researchers get hands-on assistance with cold storage management practices, UGA saves energy, and labs get cool prizes.  It’s a win-win!  

Participating groups will receive points toward proper cold storage management. Winners will be awarded based on point totals and points per refrigeration unit.

In addition to the incentives offered by the challenge, UGA Green Lab Program is offering the following incentives for participating labs:

·         Free freezer defrosting kit for all participating labs

·         Hands-on assistance implementing cold storage management practices (we will walk you through cleaning coils, filters, temperature tuning, defrosting, etc.)

·         Fast-tracked into the new UGA Green Lab Program (for interested participants)

·         Prizes for the UGA lab with highest total points

·         Prizes for UGA Department with highest total points

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