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 Zell B. Miller Learning Center, 250 - 48 Baxter Street, Athens, GA 30602

Dr. Juana Suárez, director of NYU's Moving Image Archiving and Preservation program will deliver a lecture titled "The Visible and the Invisible: Documenting Latin American Moving Image Archives" on the place of audiovisual archives in shaping cultural histories in the region, comparing similarities and differences in their constituencies in order to analyze the administrative forces that currently shape archival practices, chief among them the digital turn.

Her current book project Moving Image Archives, Cultural History and the Digital Turn in Latin America establishes a model for approaching the historiography of film archives in Latin America, including a discussion of relevant topics regarding archival holdings, collection management, current practices of digitization, digital preservation, and access. As historical repositories, film archives in Latin America are strongly linked to the movement and activity of world cinémathèques and play a significant role in commercial exhibition, retrospective, film festivals, and education about the history of film as art, industry, and technology. The project makes a case for the cultural significance of what this patrimony represents for the history of world cinema by understanding how film archives and cinematic cultures are intertwined, and how these archives are evolving places, shaped by migration, domestic and foreign affairs, displacement, technology, and movement.