Wednesday, December 4, 2013 - 9:56am

Plenty of commemorations for the fifty-year anniversary today of the arrival of Vince Dooley to campus, and deservedly so. Coach Dooley has a tremendous legacy at the university, and continues to have great impact on UGA and the Franklin College through his philanthropic beneficence to the department of history, the Redcoat Marching Band and other units.

Five decades is obviously a long time, easy to remember as a conceptual frame - truly a resonate bloc of time. So we would also like to recognize another member of the UGA family who arrived here 50 years ago this semester as a young assistant professor in the department of classics, who was teaching his class in ancient Greek culture earlier this very morning. Robert Harris:

Congratulations to Dr. Harris for his service to the Franklin College and the department of classics, for 50 years of teaching and inspiring countless classic students at UGA. Harris is being recognized in a special event in the department today, and we wish them very well in this important acknowledgement and commemoration.

Image: author's photo of Robert Harris.