Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - 10:51am

It's not even the end of the month and Franklin faculty (plus one venerable old building) have been in heavy rotation across a variety of media, on many of the most important issues of the day. A sample of the great work from our experts:

The hidden history behind the 10 oldest college buildings in America. Hometalk.com includes UGA’s Old College in its list of “ten of the oldest hallowed hall still in use today.”

Criminal records keeping men out of work – A New York Times report cites research led by assistant professor of sociology Sarah Shannon, with a colleague from the University of Minnesota, finding ten percent of non-incarcerated men have felony records

Why it's tough to tell if it's going to snow in Atlanta – WABE-FM article quotes Marshall Shepherd

Shepherd addresses Asheville’s American Meteorological Society – Mountain Xpress

Biochemistry and molecular biology researchers Michael and Rebecca Terns have identified a key link in how bacteria respond and adapt to foreign invaders, reports Infection Control Today.

Oil spill science: The conversations continue: EnvironmentGuru.com article mentions marine sciences researcher Samantha Joye

Five years after BP blowout, Florida’s oil and health problems evade national attention – Bellona.org article quotes Samantha Joye

Computational chemists unpick adenine–thymine bias – Chemistry World article quotes Henry “Fritz” Schaefer, director of UGA’s Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry

She Color-blinded Me With Science: What’s the deal with the blue and black (or white and gold) dress? – R&B article quotes psychology professor Billy Hammond

Brain structure varies depending on how trusting people are of others, UGA study shows – Report in MedicalXpress.com highlights the research led by assistant professor of psychology Brian Haas

Who’s more narcissistic, men or women? – Story on CBS News quotes psychology professor Keith Campbell. Additional coverage at HLN

Narcissistic kid? Blame the parents, study says – Los Angeles Times article quotes Keith Campbell

“A more tolerant America?”  -- A paper in the journal “Social Forces,” co-authored by Keith Campbell, says Americans increasingly are more likely to believe that those with different views and lifestyles should have the same rights as others, reports Phys.org. The same paper finds, however, that tolerance is plummeting for racial bigots, and is cited in Time.com coverage of the Oklahoma SAE case.

How to make it on Wall Street and live (almost) forever – Bloomberg column by Stephen Mihm, associate professor of history

“Clinton isn’t only one who didn’t like to share” Bloomberg essay by Stephen Mihm reviews the tortured history of federal government records retention

MOCA GA features 77 Georgia artists in “Gathered” – AJC article mentions Athens muralist Joseph Norman, art professor

FRIGID New York Interview - John Patrick Bray of "Erik" – StageBuzz.com article is about playwright Bray, currently a lecturer in the dept. of theatre and film studies

Repent at Leisure offers St. Paddy’s day sounds – Flagpole computer science professor Dan Everett mentioned

Civil War series to continue at UNG-Gainesville – Gainesville Times article mentions John Inscoe, professor of history

#InMyShoes: How a girl’s quest for dinosaur shoes is leaving a big footprint on Twitter – Christian Science Monitor article mentions archaeologist Suzanne Pilaar Birch

It’s Pi day, honoring the never-ending number! – WABE-FM article quotes Bill Graham, professor of math

Canton native brings meteorology back to school – Cherokee Ledger-News Marshall Shepherd, professor of geography and director of UGA’s Atmospheric Sciences Program, spoke at Canton Elementary School

Muslim millennials write viral imam ad to find one of their own – Nashville Tennessean article quotes Alan Godlas, associate professor of religion

UGA researchers create fast-growing trees that are easier to turn into fuel – Phys.org

Winter Storms 24 Times as deadly as estimated, Science News article includes research by geography professor Tom Mote and PhD student Alan Black. Additional coverage at Weather.com