Friday, March 25, 2016 - 10:47am

Extraordinary achievements in writing and research by undergraduates in the Writing Intensive Program (WIP) at UGA is the focus of a new online journal, The Classic:

Our purpose as a journal is twofold. First, The Classic Journal is a cross-disciplinary publication, fostering a community of diverse writers throughout the arts, humanities, and sciences. Second, this journal aims to provide undergraduates with the chance to experience the publishing process. This will benefit students by offering them a greater understanding of academic publishing. Through these roles, The Classic Journal provides an important platform for undergraduate student writing at UGA.

Volume 1, Issue 1 contains articles written by students in history, biology, dance and women's studies. We are longtime fans of the WIP, which provide students with writing opportunities and instruction beyond the First-year Composition experience and throughout a student’s academic career in all disciplines. This is how it's done. Congratulations to the staff and dedicated graduate students who enjoy great writing - and care about good writing. And nice Fall reference!