Monday, October 30, 2017 - 2:20pm

The Office of Sustainability hosts a discussion today with former U.S. congressman Bob Inglis (R-SC), "Finding the Courage to Come Together on Climate Change":

Mr. Inglis is a six term congressman from South Carolina who is advocating a free market approach to begin dealing with the problems associated with the burning of fossil fuels. He is currently Executive Director of, a growing grassroots community of over 3,750 Americans educating the country about free-enterprise solutions to climate change.

Monday, October 30, 4:30 pm, Miller Learning Center, room 214

A conversation that we need to get going and keep going, global climate change occupies some of the most brilliant minds on campus, throughout the Franklin College and of course beyond. We're glad to welcome Congressman Inglis and look forward to his discussion with students and faculty.

Image: NASA climate change projections