Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 12:58pm

Franklin faculty, students and alumni continue to appear in a variety of media around the world. A sampling of October news about and by our colleagues:

Study provides first estimate of total U.S. population with felony convictions – research by associate professor of sociology Sarah Shannon at

“Something tropical” in the Gulf of Mexico this weekend? Hurricane season is not over, Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor Marshall Shepherd in Forbes

UGA researches how “brown ocean” effect strengthens hurricanes on land, research by Marshall Shepherd described in R&B

Why does soda come in liters and milk in gallons, associate professor of history Stephen Mihm in Marketplace

Imagine life without meteorologists. It’s hard, Marshall Shepherd in Forbes

Research says college students no more narcissistic than previous generations at that age, professor psychology Keith Campbell quoted by Inside Higher Ed

The science of “Diablo Winds” fanning California wine country fires, Marshall Shepherd in Forbes

“Katrina brain”: The invisible long-term toll of megastorms, geography doctoral alumnus Mathew Hauer in Politico

Being “in the closet” at work is stressful for gay people, research by psychology dosctoral candidate Rachel Williamson in Health24

Climate change will always hurt poor people the most, Marshall Shepherd quoted at Gizmodo

Broadway in Atlanta: Revived “The Color Purple” coming to Fox Theatre, director John Doyle trained in the department of theatre and film studies as part of an international exchange program – Marietta Daily Journal

You are not hallucinating. A hurricane is headed to Ireland, Marshall Shepherd in Forbes

Students learning, patients improving through UGA’s partnership with Mercy Health Center – UGA Today article profiles experience of senior biology major Mallory Walters

Climate change lecture at URI’s Bay campus by marine sciences professor Patricia YagerURI Today

Scientist Spotlight: Franklin Professor of Chemistry Gregory Robinson emphasizes problem-solving strategies in his classroom – R&B

Sexual harassment at work, research by associate professor of sociology Justine Tinkler cited in The Economist

Atlantic Hurricanes have been really bad–now potential super typhoon Lan looms for Japan, Marshall Shepherd in Forbes

Baring it all: Student models in nude modeling program at Lamar Dodd discuss art and body positivity – R&B

Three important climate change stories broke this week—but you probably didn’t hear about them, Marshall Shepherd in Forbes


Image from the 2016 Broadway productuon of 'The Color Purple'