Lamar Dodd School of Art, Room S151

"Isa Genzken: Geometries of Lived Perspective," Lisa Lee, an assistant professor of art history at Emory University. Lee will discusses German artist Genzken, whose large wooden sculptures challenge the understanding of line and surface.

Between 1976 and 1985, the Genzken produced a series of floor-skimming wood sculptures that rigorously elaborate the stereometric forms of the ellipsoid and the hyperboloid. Yet rather than illustrate mathematical ideals, Genzken subjects the forms to distortions and transformations that give rise to a host of illusionistic effects that obscure structure rather than clarify it. Genzken’s "Ellipsoids" and "Hyperbolos" render ambiguous interior and exterior, curved surface and flat surface, line and plane, edge and face, vertical and horizontal. While the discourse surrounding the "Ellipsoids" and "Hyperbolos" has contented itself with statements about the series in general, this lecture will analyze the complex workings of individual pieces. In so doing, Lee gives force to the argument that it is not the ideal but the particular which interests Genzken.

Each year, the Association of Graduate Art Students sponsors a lecture series at the Lamar Dodd School of Art featuring prominent scholars in the field of Art History and other discipline related events. Through these events, we seek to both promote the program and engage with the wider university community.  A.G.A.S. is governed by Art History graduate students in the Lamar Dodd School of Art.