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Performing Arts Center, Hodgson Concert Hall - 230 River Road, Athens, GA 30605

The Hugh Hodgson School of Music Thursday Scholarship Series presents a collaborative concert designed by guitar faculty Daniel Bolshoy.

The friends joining Bolshoy will include the ARCO Chamber Ensemble, along with faculty members Levon Ambartsumian, violin, David Starkweather, cello; Kristin Jutras, viola; Shakhida Azimkhodjaeva, violin; and Milton Masciadri, double bass.

The program will include Latin music by composers such as Agustin Barrios from Paraguay, who composed a beautiful solo guitar piece that is flowing and lyrical, as well as some bossa-nova and Brazilian rhythms for guitar and bass.

Also included in the program is a quintet for a guitar and string quartet by Italian composer Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco. His music inspired John Williams and many other Hollywood composers so much that a recent movie entitled “The Maestro” was written about his life. Also featured will be two pieces by living Russian composer Efrem Podgaits: a guitar concerto for guitar and orchestra, and a duo for violin and guitar written especially for Levon Ambartsumian and Bolshoy.