Friday, July 27, 2018 - 3:16pm

The Franklin Residential College, the only student-governed residential college at the University of Georgia, is entering its nineteenth year as faculty and staff gear up to welcome 90 Franklin Residential College (FRC) members to their home in Rutherford Hall. Our incoming transfer student and first-year members are showing their excitement through posts to FRC social media under the hashtags #frcintroduction and #frcnewmembers. We’re excited about the diverse range of majors represented, and we hope the online introductions allow students to connect with one another prior to move-in day. Other exciting move-in week events include a cookout for FRC members and their supporters, as well as a number of opportunities to connect with this year’s Director’s Assistants.  
Chera Watts, FRC Academic Advisor in Residence says, “My family and I are excited to welcome new members and returning FRC members back to campus. No two school years are ever the same! Each year, the student-elected executive board plans and executes events. We can’t wait to see what our new student leaders have in store for us this year.”

Rutherford Hall, above. Teaser image of new FRC residents at Instagram. Welcome all and get read for another great year at the Franklin Residential College. What a great place to live and learn. #CommitTo_ the UGA learning environment