The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences (FCAS) Business Office (FCBO) is responsible for preserving, enhancing and supporting the College’s resources, both financial and human. In order to meet these responsibilities, the FCBO must challenge departments and units to ensure the activities utilize resources using sound business, ethical and moral judgement and that they support the overall goals and mission of the College and the University. The FCBO staff partners with College units to:

  • Manage the College’s resources responsibly establishing its sound financial condition now and for generations to follow;
  • Deliver quality services expeditiously;
  • Provide data to decision makers;
  • Evaluate risk; compliance with and adequacy of applicable policies and procedures; and compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • Promote and foster individual and organizational effectiveness by developing and facilitating training programs to expedite the acquisition of the knowledge, skills and abilities required for successful job performance. 


Accountability: We accept responsibility for making our College better, through our actions, words and connections with others. 
Commitment: We hold steadfast to excellence in everything we do.
Equity: We commit to diversity, inclusion and access.
Innovation: We strive to embrace a growth mindset in everything we do; foster creative thinking; embrace change and challenge the status quo.
Integrity: We conduct ourselves with honesty, dedication and fairness.
Leadership: We take initiative and share responsibility for exemplifying excellence.
Openness: We embrace freedom of ideas, inquiry and expression.
Respect: We value our differences and our individual and collective contributions.